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About Us

Cheeky Fest is an arts
community & festival 

We love art, dance, education, fashion, film, music, opera, photography, poetry, startups & theatre

A beautiful, bold, bright, collaborative, colourful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye opening, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, reflective, social, thought-provoking year-round community growing through an annual event.

Cultural and creative boundaries are met, shared & challenged between international artists and viewers / audience / participants alike.  The experience gathers a complexity of, and multiple approaches to art practices and tests conventional definitions of fine art and creative & performing arts. 

Why You Should Join Us

  • Be the 1st to get behind the scenes news  
  • Get up close to the creative process of making a festival.
  • Help us to build, engage & grow our community
  • Launch an annual arts festival
  • Attend open rehearsals, gala performances & opening / closing parties.
  • Commission & curate new, boundary-pushing, ground-breaking art, dance, film, music, opera, poetry & theatre by leading professionals & emerging UK & international artists & creatives, 
  • Collaborate with businesses, educators, funders, investors, mentors, producers, startups & venues.
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