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Cheeky Fest

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About Us

Cheeky Fest is an arts festival for the Cheeky community. 

We love art, business, dance, drawing, education, entrepreneurship, fashion, film, installation, music, opera, performance, poetry, social media, startups and theatre.

A beautiful, bold, bright, collaborative, colourful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye opening, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, reflective, social, thought-provoking year-round community focused on / culminating and growing through an annual event.

Cultural and creative boundaries are met, shared & challenged between international artists and viewers / audience / participants alike.  The experience gathers a complexity of, and multiple approaches to art practices and tests conventional definitions of fine art and creative & performing arts. 

Why You Should Join Us

Be part of something bigger,

Be more social on social media

Get paid to do what you do

Learn about a variety of performing & creative arts

Manage, mentor, teach other creatives, performers and others involved in the creative industries such as stage managers, live sound engineers

Develop skills e.g. acting, choreography, composition, dancing, design, drumming, filmmaking, funding, lighting, poetry, singing, sound engineering, writing

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