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About Us

Cheeky Fest is an arts
community & festival 

We love art, dance, education, fashion, film, music, opera, photography, poetry, startups & theatre

Cheeky Fest is for creatives, performers, entrepreneurs, people who aren’t earning enough money through their passion to support themselves (& their families) so have a Day Job or  are Unemployed & claiming (Universal Credit), have had / continue to have mental and/or physical health challenges, are still finding how they fit into society, may not have a great work history, haven’t had the opportunities to develop or apply the skills & passion they have.

Cheeky Fest is an arts community-festival connecting people through art, business, dance, drawing, education, entrepreneurship, fashion, film, installation, music, opera, performance, poetry, social media, startups, theatre and/or video.

A beautiful, bold, bright, collaborative, colourful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye opening, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, reflective, social, thought-provoking year-round community focused on / culminating and growing through an annual Festival.

Cultural and creative boundaries are met, shared & challenged between international artists and viewers / audience / participants alike. The experience gathers a complexity of, and multiple approaches to art practices and tests conventional definitions of fine art and creative & performing arts.

Platform for & investment in arts Startups @CheekyVentures - share ideas & connect with potential partners, clients & customers.  

We will look for tech / hardware / software / instruments which could be used in the opera @WAKTM (story by Chris Eales, music by Rupert Cheek).

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Why You Should Join Us

  • Fairly paid work
  • Launch an annual arts festival
  • Be the 1st to get behind the scenes news  
  • Opportunity to curate part of Cheeky Fest.
  • Help us to build, engage & grow our community
  • Have your work featured in the Cheeky Fest community
  • Get up close to the creative process of making a festival.
  • Mentorship, Management & Education from Cheeky Fest Members
  • Erin is a poet who's won awards and written over 500 pieces including prose, micro poems, Free form poetry mostly, Lyrics.  She can help you with your writing and give any feedback on your poetry, prose and lyrics.  She can help & advise you on selling & marketing your work if you choose to self publish.
  • Erin can help you grow your engagement on your own Tumblr, promote you on her Tumblr (30K followers), Pinterest (4.2k monthly visitors), other socials, another blog (1.5k), Twitter (580), Snapchat & Facebook
  • Attend open rehearsals, gala performances & opening / closing parties.
  • Commission & curate new, boundary-pushing, ground-breaking art, dance, film, music, opera, poetry & theatre by leading professionals & emerging UK & international artists & creatives,
  • Practical support & specific advice by professionals in artist management, events, finance / fundraising, live sound, marketing / social media,
  • Collaborate & Network with artists, businesses, creatives, curators, entrepreneurs, funders, investors, mentors, producers, startups, venues.
  • Platform for & investment in arts Startups @CheekyVentures
  • Go on Tour across the UK, Europe*, the USA & beyond,
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