Arts Community + Festival

Cheeky is an arts community focused on social impact.

Why Cheeky Fest?

Helping entrepreneurs & performers to manage your social & mental health

"I realised that if you could manifest a community in a real world space, ... if you host the party, those people get to meet new people, create some relationship or moment that then changes their life forever.” (@Jason to @tferriss on the T.F. Show)

"Always remember that the reason that you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself you felt that if you could manifest it in someway, you would understand more about yourself and how you co-exist with the rest of society." (Bowie)

"And that's when art's not a luxury, it's actually sustenance. We need it.  OK. Well, what is it? Human creativity is nature manifest in us.  ... And to thrive, to express ourselves, alright, well, here's the rub: we have to know ourselves.   What do you love? And if you get close to what you love, who you are is revealed to you, and it expands. ... 

[Creativity is]  vital.  It's the way we heal each other.  In singing our song, in telling our story, in inviting you to say, "Hey, listen to me, and I'll listen to you," we're starting a dialogue. And when you do that, this healing happens, and we come out of our corners, and we start to witness each other's common humanity. We start to assert it. And when we do that, really good things happen." (Ethan Hawke, TED talk 2020)

We all have mental health.  Many people have mental illness at some point in their life. Mental health issues such as depression and bipolar disorder are a terrible thing if left untreated.  I have struggled with depression at various points, and have family members with their own challenges.  I have 2 friends who live with forms of schizophrenia.  Many of us have experienced the correlation between creativity & mental health.  Cheeky aspires to raise awareness, approach and challenge any stigma, provide safe space(s) for people to share their challenges and provide resources to help artists, entrepreneurs & performers to manage their mental health.

Brexit ("Brexit has been a disaster for younger musicians” - Damon Albarn, May 2023) + Covid + the cost of living crisis in the UK in 2022-23 have lead to many more people in the UK experiencing economic, social & mental health challenges.  Artists & performers, like everyone else, need to be able to pay rents / mortgages, water / heating / electricity bills, buy enough food to feed themselves & their families to maintain their physical, social & mental health.

Cheeky Events inc Cheeky Fest - real world community

Cheeky Foundation will provide funding to artists & performers at Cheeky Fest.

Cheeky Education - arts education (up to university level) without the (Uni level) fees

Cheeky Promo - where it all started - coaching & promotion for artists & performers

Cheeky Space will be the physical home of all things - and people - Cheeky inc the venue for Cheeky Fest, organisations & individuals to rehearse & produce / curate their own events

Cheeky Ventures will offer consulting, funding, mentoring & work space as well as coaching / consulting / marketing / promotion to entrepreneurs working on social impact startups.