Cheeky Fest
Rupert Cheek

We're creating an arts festival

Rupert Cheek

We're creating an arts festival

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About Us

Cheeky Fest is a 3 day arts festival, based on the @waktm opera, on tour across the UK, the USA & beyond, fundraises for local charities, supports music startups & music businesses by giving them an opportunity to network, share their ideas & connect with potential parters, clients & customers and access to investment from @CheekyStartups and promoted by @CheekyPromo

Why You Should Join Us

Be part of something bigger; connect through music.

Be more SOCIAL on social media

Learn about a WIDE variety of music

Perform at one of the Cheeky Fest events and get paid

Manage, mentor, teacher other creatives, performers and others involved in the creative industries such as stage managers, live sound engineers, event organisers

Help use to organise, host, fund and promote Cheeky Fest

A Big Thanks

YOU, YOu, You, you, yoU, yOU, yOu and YoU!

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