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Helping people through the arts

Cheeky Fest


Help people through the arts


Be part of something bigger than yourself
Communication & social media consulting;
We will empower, enable & encourage you to communicate with people
Marketing & Promotion on CheekyFest.Live & social media.

Be valued as a part of society
Get the help you need as humans
Get fair pay for work in the arts
Earn money doing what you love
Access relevant training

Mental Health

Raise awareness of and provide resources to manage mental health.  In May '19 I heard that a musician I played with on/off during 2004–'12 had taken his life after struggling with bipolar disorder.  A number of famous musicians have committed suicide as a result of mental health issues.  I know 3 people who live with various forms of psychosis / schizophrenia.  I’ve struggled with depression at various points in my life

Get better - Learning

Get better at what you do, whether you're an actor, artist, blogger, choreographer, composer, dancer, designer, director, engineer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, musician, photographer, producer, poet, teacher or writer.  

Learn from others' experience
Share your own stories to help others

Cheeky Fest offers education + training through practical workshops & discussions in areas such as artist management, business / entrepreneurship, event management & production, fundraising, marketing & social media,


Cheeky Fest provides opportunities to connect with, learn from, collaborate with other humans via our Mighty Network.  Network with artists, businesses, creatives, curators, entrepreneurs, performers, promoters, teachers, ...

Fairly paid work

Cheeky Fest will fairly paid work. Are you relying on Benefits or doing a job you hate? Are you a student looking for paid placement(s)?  Do you have or want to gain experience in the arts, business, education, events, social media or startups?


Online Community + Virtual and Real Events

Cheeky Fest is beautiful, bold, collaborative, colourful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye opening, exciting, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, reflective, social, thought-provoking.


People helping people

We connect & collaborate with other humans.
We empower & encourage people by sharing theirs.
We inspire each other by sharing our own experiences, lessons, stories.

Are you earning enough money to support yourself?
Are you working in your ideal sector / role?
Are you un/underemployed & claiming benefits?
Are you struggling to find "how you coexist with the rest of society"?
Do you have mental and/or physical health challenges?
Have you had the opportunity to become who you are?

Artists, Creatives & Performers

Are you / do you want to be an actor, artist, choreographer, dancer, designer, director, filmmaker, lighting designer, musician, painter, photographer, poet, singer, songwriter, sound designer or writer?


We need a venue in London.
We'd also love to hear from people at venues in other cities.


If your brand, business, company, service, product, software or startup is Cheeky and you want to increase awareness of it, please get in touch.

Cheeky Foundation

Cheeky Foundation awards grants to artists, creatives & performers to produce boundary pushing work at / for Cheeky Fest.

Cheeky Ventures

Cheeky Fest gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect with clients, customers & partners.  Cheeky Ventures will invest in arts startups



Employ a committed, experienced team
Pay artists, creatives & performers
Pay A-list artists to attract a bigger audience
Employ people in each Cheeky Fest city.
Pay for staff education & training
Hire venues & rent office space


Cheeky Fest Mighty Network
Merch - t-shirts, phone cases
Consulting & Promotion services
Affiliate marketing
Tickets to parts/all of the event.
Sponsor an artist / day / stage

Be part of something bigger than yourself
Help to make Cheeky Fest happen.
Join now and introduce yourself!

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