Arts Community

Create; Communicate; Connect

The arts help us to 

Understand more about ourselves
Understand how we co-exist with the rest of society.
Communicate with others in (a) language(s) instigated by us
Navigate your challenges together with vulnerability
Manage our mental health* and/or deal with trauma*
Connect with our emotions, find our (literal) voices
Achieve bigger goals than we could on our own
Be part of something bigger than ourselves
Replace fear with a supportive community
Make Friends by Helping Humans
communicate & build community
Increase our confidence
be happier & healthier.

Cheeky Fest is

A Community; people connected by shared experience & passion for the arts

beautiful, bold, bright, caring, compassionate, collaborative, colourful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye opening, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, quirky, reciprocal, reflective, social, thought-provoking 

Exploring the questions will help us to achieve our social impact goals

What IS art, dance, film, music, opera, photography, poetry, theatre?

How can combining these art forms interact help us to build community?

What IS an Arts Festival in a post pandemic world?

What's in it for YOU?

Increase awareness of & revenue + profit for / impact of / recruit for your business, charity, corporation, enterprise, foundation, organisation, project, school, startup, venue, work

Our REVENUE streams

1) Mighty Network  + Patreon
2) Tickets to parts/all of the event.
3) Merchandise - clothing etc
4) Sponsorships & Partnerships
5) Marketing / Consulting services

With YOUR help, we can hire a venue + pay performers

* I am not a certified counsellor or therapist 

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